A Day Without Internet

I guess you could say the internet has “ctrl” over my life. Get it? Because the key on the… the keyboard and… sorry.

For most of yesterday, and what will be the majority of today until tonight (if my incompetent ISP was actually right about the problem for once), my internet was, and will be, completely out. I’m sitting in a Starbucks on my MacBook right now, hoping that I don’t look like too much of a stereotype, catching up on everything before getting back to work. Surprisingly, even though I have about four books in progress, I won’t be working on any of them. I will be editing books for clients, but I digress.

Regardless, the past number of hours has been excruciating. I once wrote a post on another social network about how having to go without technology for a while doesn’t really bother me too much, but there are exceptions. One of the biggest ones is during a time when I have a ton of work to do and when I’m on a very tight deadline. Right now is one of those times. I’m at the point where I’m spending pretty much every waking hour doing some kind of work, and I usually meet the deadline sleep-deprived and delirious. The fact that I do pretty much 100% of my work online is a very bad thing when the internet decides to go out. Which, of course, would only happen when I have very little time left to work. Thanks, life.

The other exception is the fact that there are certain people I’m very close to that I can only talk to using the internet. Going a while without that kind of sucks. Whenever I do feel any sort of desire to get on the internet, it’s not for checking up on social networks, reading celebrity gossip or anything of the sort — it only really has to do with work-related things or talking to these specific people.

Essentially, I need time to prepare. If I’m going to take a trip, if I’m going somewhere for a few days, whatever, it’s all okay if I have time to get ready for it. I don’t really have withdrawal symptoms. The only time I have a problem is when I’m caught unprepared; I’m almost always in the middle of something, so if the internet conks out for hours (or days, like now, figures), then I can’t get my mind off the stuff I should be doing, but can’t.

Regardless, I’ll find out tonight if my ISP actually has any semblance of brainpower left. I’ve had very few good experiences with them lately, which is a shame since they used to be so cool. When that happens, I will spend half a joyful minute catching up on everything I missed, then get straight back to work.

Such is life. How do you deal with the lack of internets?

2 thoughts on “A Day Without Internet

  1. I can’t get anything done when the internet’s out… not because I need it to work, but rather because I just can’t focus knowing that it’s out. It frustrates me and puts me on edge.

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