Chronicles of Blanketfort [How to Kill Sadness]

Shortly after our fort's construction. Pictured inside is genius roommate unit, Kami.

Shortly after our fort’s construction. Pictured inside is genius roommate unit, Kami.

For the past week or so I had been feeling under the weather, and that’s putting it rather tamely. Depression, while often suppressed, will never truly be beaten, and it reared its ugly head last weekend, rendering me unable to eat, sleep or accomplish anything. By some cruel timing, I was also forced to deal with it alone for a number of days since everyone else had their schedules full.

But then came along my roommate who decided that I was no longer allowed to be sad, and she organized a day free of internet and all other adult responsible boring things. It started by making a blanket fort.

Blanketfort was only the start, but it was quite majestic. It stretched across the entire room, and was held up by a tall microphone stand with Christmas lights wrapped around it — this was our ‘fire pit’ and light source. We couldn’t make any actual fire, so I placed my tablet at the base and played a video of a camp fire. Technology makes anything possible. At one point roommate unit accidentally turned on the ceiling fan which resulted in a pretty nifty indoor wind storm, though there was that moment of terror when we thought the fan blades might tear down our ceiling.

The rest of the day was spent eating cheap fast food, making s’mores, eating ice cream, watching TV and idly talking about everything and everybody we hated. I was introduced to a show called Blackadder, something I am sad I did not know about before. (If you’re a fan of Monty Python, you’ll probably like this a lot. Season two is my current favorite.)

At the end of the day, it was like sadness was not simply washed away, but beaten to a pulp and sent on its way. The company was most assuredly helpful, but so was the presence of the massive fort in my room. It has now been established that whenever one of us is sad, we will envelop the other into the comforting arms of Blanketfort and experience all the subsequent joys that come with it.

How do you treat yourself when you’re feeling down, or what do your friends do for you? Have you built yourself a blanket fort recently? (And if not, what are you waiting for?)

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4 thoughts on “Chronicles of Blanketfort [How to Kill Sadness]

  1. funny I came home from work yesterday and told my kids (2 teenage daughters) I wanted to build a blanket ‘boho’ tent in our living room… they just looked at me like I was from another planet… sigh maybe next time… :)

    • It was pretty amazing. Hopefully the next time we do it won’t be under such circumstances, but it definitely works! There was one moment I was worried roommate would set the house on fire, though. We made s’mores and she lit her marshmallow on fire, panicked and started waving it around to try to put it out. >.>

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